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List of Summer Essentials

With Summer just around the corner in the Philippines, tourists from all around will be flocking the beaches and islands for a little slice of the tropical action. While that may sound like a very appealing and charming idea, an unprepared traveler may soon find himself or herself in a whole lot of hot water, both figuratively or maybe even literally.

Here are a few of the things that’ll give you a leg up against any summer mishaps that may come your way:


With the ozone layer growing a bit thin, this is a first grade essential for any summer outing. Especially to those with fair or light skin, the sun can do a lot of damage to skin unprotected by this UV ray deflecting lotion. With sun protection on your side, your skin will be a nice golden brown instead of a painfully sensitive red.

First Aid/Emergency kit:

You never know when you or a loved one can get hurt on the go. Don’t forget to pack up a small emergency kit for all the little scrapes and bruises on a trip, complete with disinfectant, gauze, plasters and the like. It helps to bring antihistamines, some stomach medicine and aspirin as long as you can keep them all in one, compact pack that can be easily carried.

Appropriate clothing:

Thinking of just traversing the sandy beach dunes in your bikini or tiny speedo? Think again. The right clothes for the right job will protect you from chilling over or getting eaten alive by sand mites during the evenings. Don’t forget those long pants and a little bit of sleeve too since mosquito’s just love sipping a “bloody” good drink on a nice leg or bare arm.

Destination guide/Itinerary:

As G.I. Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle”. Knowing the area of the place you’ll be staying at is a great way to maximize both your stay and help you in case you get a little lost in the area. Finding out how far a destination from your acting home base is a good idea to look into as well since you’ll never know when you might need an emergency commute.

Secure bag:

Nothing keeps your valuables safer than a secure bag. While some people would prefer a bag that has locks or has metallic netting in its lining to avoid getting sliced open, a bag you can easily move around and keep your eyes on like a messenger bag or a tote can help avoid any grabby hands that may want to nab something on a commute.

Ample money:

It’s a good idea to have a lot of cash in hand when traveling abroad, but approximating your expenses and bringing only the right amount of money can save you unwanted grief when you accidentally lose your wallet or if a thief gets very lucky. Leaving a little on the side is a good method to avoid overspending on a trip if you often buy things you don’t really need.

But the most important essential to bring to your sun drenched vacation? Have fun! It’s not all the time you get to go out on a little adventure away from work or school. Get out there with all the summer essentials you need and have a blast exploring, eating, traveling and lounging your time away on the warm shores