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Looking Good on the Go


Despite what everybody says, appearance can play an important factor in our daily lives. It can build an impression of what kind of people we are and maybe even make us feel confident and good about ourselves.

But your appearance can suffer a lot especially when you’re traveling. Having little time to fix up your looks or the space to put on your makeup can make looking nice a huge hassle. Here are a few small tips and tricks to help you looking picture perfect and fresh straight out the plane:


Avoiding Oil

Having an oily face is an undesirable outcome, but because of the constraints of bathroom space and time, it’s not advisable to depend on facial washes and such. Instead opt for rice paper or any oil-absorbing paper. Dab (don’t rub) from the bridge of your nose all the way to the tip and on both your cheeks so the paper absorbs the oily stuff while also keeping your face moisturized. The light dabbing will keep your face from looking extra shiny from the oil while the moisture left in will keep you from looking too haggard.


Moisturizing Miracle

Apply an amount of moisturizing cream, not a slippery lotion, on your face that’s a little heavier than usual the night before your travel (road trip or plane ride). This absorbs into your skin as the hours tick by and helps it cope with the upcoming dehydration that long travels give you. Don’t forget to also take a pack of moist towelettes with you. Not only are they handy at cleaning messes on the move, but they can really help cool down and clean your face or hands when no water is available. You’ll be looking chill and fresh in no time.


Minimalist Touch

If you feel like you can’t seriously survive without powdering your nose, it's still possible to touch up while on the ride. Pick a makeup style that looks good on you while using only the most minimal amount of the stuff. Pick a small pouch you can fit inside your carry-on purse and fit all your items plus a small compact mirror in there. Try to think of a step-by-step sequence on which item you have to take out and use each item. This along with the small pouch will save you time when applying and searching for each item. Watch out for turbulence or rocky roads though.


Misting with Mineral Water

Sometimes it's not such a good idea to keep retouching your makeup while you’re on the move since the travel can sometimes make it wear off faster than usual. Instead, grab a small spray bottle and fill it with some clean mineral water. Once you’re on the go and you feel like your makeup is starting to fade off, give yourself a little spritz to wet it a little and rejuvenate both your look and your dry skin.


Small Things Here and There

Even the smallest actions can make a big difference. We cover all of the small things you can do to improve your overall appearance. Having dried out lips but didn't bring your trusty chapstick? Keep your mouth from drying out with a liberal application of in-flight butter. For your hair, look for a dry shampoo you can apply on after numerous hours of non-stop traveling to make your hair look glossy and fresh. Don’t forget a strong comb to straighten it out.

Don’t let tiring travels beat you when it comes to looking your best. It doesn't take a lot of effort to pull off a great look that's perfect even if you spend hours on the open road, on the sea or in the air.