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Mango Mix: Elections 2016, Voters Overseas


In the Philippines, you can see posters and banners are plastered all over the walls and streets, almost like decorations for an upcoming event. The TV’s and radios are filled with encouraging words and election promises while cars drive by with speakers blaring words from the candidates themselves, telling the people reasons why they should think of them once they’re ready to choose the country’s next leader. With May 9, 2016 coming up, people are asking themselves the big question: “Who will I vote for?”

While there are a lot of colorful campaigns and entertaining presentations, the presidential election is no joke. The future of the country is riding on the people’s votes, so it’s only natural that they think carefully on their choices.

But it’s not just the local Filipinos who have this right and responsibility. Balikbayans and overseas workers can also help steer the course for the Philippines’ future with their votes as well. Even though you are outside of the country, you can still practice the right to vote through the ‘Overseas Absentee Voting Act’.

With this, even people several miles away from their homelands can still choose to do their part as official citizens of the Philippine nation. But like the local voters, there are certain rules and guidelines you have to abide to before you can mark your ballot. You must be a Filipino citizen who is 18 years old on or before election day, must have lived at least one year in the Philippines and you must be a resident of the place where you want to vote for at least 6 months prior to the election date.

Check with the local Filipino community or go online to do a little research on how you can exercise your responsibility to decide the future of your country.

Don’t just be a bystander. Use your right, research the candidates and vote wisely. Who you choose can help lead your home towards a bigger and brighter future. Be part of the movement and help your country choose the next best leader.