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Mango Mix: It’s raining and we won’t stop 1.0

by Tessa Distor on Wed 20 Aug, 2014

The noontime sunlight no longer keeps their brows frowned and the stars at night are already absent from their view. More importantly, beds become a favorite and cuddling becomes a hobby. All these are because the rainy season, although almost two months late, is finally in the Philippines.

The heavy downpour and the flooded roads often deprive the Filipinos of doing a life outside their houses. However, that does not mean that their worlds are put on pause. In fact, it is during this time that life is obviously happening to them. Read more.

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Mango Mix is a weekly column of Mango Tours in the Asian Journal. The column celebrates Filipino culture--from must-see travel destinations and advice, social events, culinary delights, arts, and everything interestingly mixing under the Philippine sun.