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Mango Mix: It’s raining and we won’t stop 2.0

by Tessa Distor on Wed 20 Aug, 2014

THIS article, a continuation of last week’s, was originally intended for outdoor activities during the rainy season in the Philippines. However, with the present condition, it would be nonsensical and insensitive to suggest items on how people can try to enjoy the heavy downpour outside their houses—when, really, people should take necessary precautions.

Therefore, let us talk about “It’s raining and we won’t stop 2.0” in a different light. The climate has changed through the years. The seasons have become harsh in their own ways. When the sun is out, it is nothing but irritatingly hot—the air comes with humid and the ground emits heat.

When the rain is on, it gives its all—the water floods the streets up to who-knows-how deep and causes bays and rivers to overflow, and the strong winds crash the trees and detach the roofs. Read more.

* * *

Mango Mix is a weekly column of Mango Tours in the Asian Journal. The column celebrates Filipino culture--from must-see travel destinations and advice, social events, culinary delights, arts, and everything interestingly mixing under the Philippine sun.