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Mango Mix: Never settle

“Travel early and travel often. Live abroad, if you can. Understand cultures other than your own. As your understanding of other cultures increases, your understanding of yourself and your own culture will increase exponentially.” - Tom Freston

As 2014 comes to an end, let us look back on the year. Did our perspective on life change for the better? Have we learned new things? Did we have a deeper understanding of the world? Been to new places other than those we wish to visit? All these changes cater to growth; and growth is the secret in order to enjoy life.

Everyone has a comfort zone, there’s nothing wrong with that; but we should also remember that life is a one-time play - no rehearsals, pause, nor rewinds. Most of the time, things around us are taken for granted, and it takes a real eye opener to realize it. Without opening ourselves to things around us, we will never see how the world we live in is such a perfect gift.

Make the most out of life - that is the ultimate goal to remember. So, never settle.

Travel is one of the many things that can give you a great start to exploring more of what life has to offer. It is an avenue to discovering the many different worlds while experiencing unique and unfamiliar cultures. Get acquainted with new people and learn their way of life. And if you’re lucky, collect wonderful memories out of your encounters with nature.

When we are away from home, the more we are conscious of the things around us. Traveling gives us a better opportunity to reflect on the kind of life we are living. It provides us a bigger picture of the world. We get to see how fortunate we are for the things we have. And it is through travel, according to Tom Freston, that we achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and the world.

What would you do, how far would you get if you try to go beyond? What would you miss out if you don’t?

Something beautiful should not be put on hold. Never settle for less; aim for the better, the remarkable. Take a chance. Never run out of things to ask. Don’t settle for what’s in front of you, seek greater opportunities. Go beyond your comfort zone and know that there is always more to all these that’s worthy of bringing to light.

Everything around us is a reminder of the countless things worth experiencing and having. Forget what ifs, and instead make a great story - your story that’s worth telling.