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Mango Mix: Tiny Traveling Kit

Traveling and Pollution Mango Mix

A lot of people put great thought as to what they bring with them on a trip: the clothes and accessories for all their planned occasions, a bag of hygienic essentials like toothbrushes or over-the-counter meds, and a few other things like cameras, personal diaries and laptops to record all the action and events that go on before, between and after a journey. If you can get a good look of what’s in a person’s luggage, chances are you’re going to have a good idea of what kind of places they’re going to. But wherever you go and whatever you’ll be doing, sometimes it’s the little things that really matter. Read more.

Mango Mix is a weekly column of Mango Tours in the Asian Journal. The column celebrates Filipino culture--from must-see travel destinations and advice, social events, culinary delights, arts, and everything interestingly mixing under the Philippine sun.