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Mango Tours accepts its 10th Million Dollar Award from China Airlines

Mango Tours is honored to accept its 10th Million Dollar Award this year from China Airlines for achieving at least a million dollar sales goal in 2014. We are thankful for having a strong and productive partnership with China Airlines, together offering affordable airline tickets and service to the Philippines.

The 2014 Million Dollar Award was given to Mango Tours on November 6th at The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse in Palo Alto, California.

From all of us at Mango Tours, we are sincerely grateful for this momentous recognition. We dedicated this achievement to our valued and loyal customers who continuously patronize our products and services. As a provider of travel needs for almost four decades, we all look forward to continuing our best efforts to provide the most affordable travel deals to the Philippines and other destinations in the world partnered with exceptional customer service and support.