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Mango Tours Supports Rodrigo Duterte


The Punisher, as named by the Time Magazine, Rodrigo Duterte is the most-awaited nation-changer of the Republic of Philippines.

With his simplicity yet strong-willed personality, Digong captured the hearts of many Filipinos who quench for change and trustworthy administration.

Being able to decrease the rate of criminality in his very own Davao City, where he served as a mayor for more than 22 years, the elected president promised to obliterate the cases of crime, corruption and illegal use of drugs that affect nationwide.

With the unforgettable issues regarding Tanim Bala gang at the airport and the kidnapping cases of tourists at some parts of the country, we believe that Digong can provide pertinent solution that can increase and improve the rate of Philippine tourism.

We are optimistic that he is truly a man who is true to his words and will bring organization and discipline that will lead to success not just economically but also in terms of tourism and overall-country development.

We are as excited as everyone else to see Mayor Digong roaming around and doing his work, implementing his plans and turning his platforms into reality. We can't wait to see the Philippines bounce back to being a much better country and we hope that under his administration, the Philippines is going to prove its worth and title of being one of the places where tourists go that is free from doubt about safety and well-being and will make people look forward to great adventures the country has to offer to them.

Discover how Philippines' presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte maintained Davao as one of the best and safest tourist spots in the country. Visit the Crown Jewel of Mindanao with this affordable tour package!