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Mexico: Quick Guide to the Sunny City

Mexico Travel Guide

The sunny lands of Mexico are full of such intricate and beautiful cultural aspects. From their mouth watering foods to their ancient Aztec origins, there are a multitude of things to do and ways to enjoy yourself in the country:

Mexico history

Mexican culture originated from one of the world’s oldest civilizations in the world: the Aztecs. This civilization was very superstitious, preparing sacrifices and offerings to gods while creating statues of them and other otherworldly creatures in their cities and architecture. Originally nomadic, the Mexicas finally settled in the country that would one day be known as the country Mexico. Many of the temples and old cities like the Teotihuacan , one of the more culturally significant of districts, are mostly whole and available for visiting. Immerse yourself in the deep and colorful history of this country.

Mexico arts

Olmecs and Mayans had the earliest form of artistic sense within the Mexican country. The earliest statues and wall paintings had a simplistic, geometric-centered style which came in a variety of pigments and colors. Those styles and coloration have survived through the centuries and a lot of the elements are still present in more recent artworks. Many of these can be seen in the equally geometric temples and in museums in the country like the Museo Nacional de Antropologia (The National Museum of Anthropology).

Mexico cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a mix of Mesoamerican food with a bit of Spanish flair. This results in a culinary marriage between spice and flavors that will keep your mouth hot and your taste buds dancing with all kinds of tastes. From the all too yummy taste of the fajitas, a tortilla wrap filled with chicken or steak pieces and different spices, to the mouthwatering quesadilla, a combination of tortilla wrap, cheese (hence the ‘queso’ part of the name), beans and other savory items. Just don't overindulge yourself as Mexican cuisine can be quite hard on the system in excess.

Mexico fiesta

Join a Fiesta

While Mexico celebrates a multitude of national holidays, it has a couple of holidays which are very significant in their culture. Cinco de Mayo (May 5), while celebrated across different countries, is much more meaningful in Mexico because of the victory over french forces in the battle of Puebla. Dio de los Muertos (Oct.31- Nov. 2), is another holiday which is exclusive to Mexico. It is related to Halloween and All Souls Day, where colorful skeletons decorations are put up on display and graves are tended to as people remember and respect the dead.

Mexico is definitely a fun and exciting place to explore, so make your way to this colorful and warm country by making it your choice destination for your next holiday.

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