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Monthly Trivia: November


Here in Monthly Trivia, we state facts about the month that you may not have known about. Give yourself some knowledge on the fun, exciting, weird and silly little tidbits about November:

  • The name ‘November’ comes from the Latin for nine (novem), as it was the ninth month of the Roman calendar.

  • In Old English November was ‘Windmonath’ (wind month) or ‘Blotmonath’ (blood or sacrifice month).

  • The Dutch called it ‘slachtmaand’ (slaughter month); in Welsh it is ‘Tachwedd’, also meaning ‘slaughter’ referring to the killing of animals.

  • November is National Pomegranate Month in the USA.

  • November has been designated National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month.

  • November 2 is the only date in which two US presidents were born: Warren Harding (born 1865) and James Polk (1795).

  • There is no mention of the month of November in any of Shakespeare's plays or sonnets.

  • November is the only month used to represent a letter in the Alpha-Bravo-Charlie phonetic alphabet.

  • The second week in November is National Split Pea Soup Week in the USA.

  • Research last year showed that Spaniards tweet the words “te amo” (I love you) most often in November.

Keep these fun facts in mind and get more info on what to do, see, try or hear. Tune in next month for more great trivia!

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