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Monthly Trivia: October


Here in Monthly Trivia, we state facts about the month that you may not have known about. Give yourself some knowledge on the fun, exciting, weird and silly little tidbits about October.

  • The Anglo-Saxons called October Winterfylleth, meaning the ‘fullness’ of winter.

  • October came from the word octo which means “eight”.

  • Though it’s known to all the October is the 10th month in Julian and Gregorian calendars which we are using today, originally, October is the eighth month in the old Roman calendar.

  • Originally, Halloween was called Hallowed Evening which is part of an old Celtic term “Before all hallows” or the night before All Saints Day.

  • Oktoberfest, a German holiday, is held for 16 whole days from late September to the first weekend in October

  • More US presidents have been born in October than in any other month.

  • In the US, October is National Pizza Month, Popcorn Month, Pork Month and Sausage Month. Let the snacking begin!

  • Marigolds (or calendula) are said to be the representative flower of October. Other sources consider cosmos to be under that category, though.

  • As for gemstones, Opal and Tourmaline are the stones associated with the month.

Keep these fun facts in mind and get more info on what to do, see, try or hear. Tune in next month for more great trivia!