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Nepal Needs Hope

Nepal Needs Hope

With an intensity of 7.8 and a death toll of 5,000 and counting, the recent devastation in Nepal has left the world in despair as hundreds to thousands of people still remain missing. From children to elders, some of the victims trapped under the rubble may not just be Nepalese as people lost in the chaos and turmoil are also tourists and foreigners who were in the country when the destruction occurred.

Considered the deadliest natural disaster in more than 80 years, nobody sees Nepal recovering from this tragedy any time soon. With rescue parties increasing as time is running out for the people still stuck under the rubble and debris, there seems to be no way to console the people who have lost so much in the wake of this catastrophe.

With the buildings destroyed by the earthquakes, many of the people who have survived have nowhere to go. Some are even scared of returning back to homes that are still intact, fearing that another earthquake will occur again and bury them for sure if they get complacent. This has left people homeless, hungry and open to the elements.

But what is even more broken than the buildings and homes are the people themselves. Children cry for their parents as they lay alone and injured on the streets. The injured are collected under medical tents, moaning and screaming from their broken bones and wounded bodies. The living mourn for the lost, either clinging to the hope that they are still alive or are convinced that they are lost from the world. As of now, Nepal is a hell of despair and horror painted with the doubts, fears and the pain of more than 8 million people within and outside the Nepalese border.

But even through this despair, people are still working to move heavy rubble and search for survivors. Still comforting the hungry and wailing children. Still stay strong despite the deaths of loved ones. Through this tragedy, people are still going strong and looking on with hope. It is through the toughest of times that you often see the ugly side of the human person, but it is also when their determination and the resilience of their spirit can show through.

With our time and donations, we can help make the struggle less painful. By donating a small portion of our money, we can give these people food, clothes and other necessities that can help them get through this jarring experience. Some of the great charities to consider giving your donations to include Save the Children, Global Giving, and the Red Cross.