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Outlining New Year's Resolution

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It’s never too early to think about 2016 as it looms around the horizon at the end of this year. With a new year come new opportunities, new adventures and new ways to improve yourself as a person. The latter pertains to New Year’s resolutions. Like its name implies, these are little rules or promises we set up for ourselves at the start of the year to try to make an effort to change our bad habits or incorporate new and better ones.

Oftentimes, people set resolutions that are too out of reach, prompting them to fail before they even begin. To help with that, here are a few tips you can use to set up goals you are most likely to stick to:

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Set the Bar Low

A lot of people get swept up in the amazing feeling of a new year dawning that they immediately set down goals that would definitely make their life better or more interesting. But as the old saying goes, “an empty barrel makes the most noise.” Just talking about what you’re going to do isn't going to make it more likely for you to actually put it into practice. Start off with something you can easily make into a habit like “jog every Sunday afternoon” if you’re planning on trying to be more active or “skype call/text family every Tuesday” if you want to be less of a stranger to your parents or siblings. All great trees start off as little saplings, so should you and your good habits.

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Know Your Methods

In a successful company, a schedule and work plan is essential for the workspace and its employees to know what they need to do. But take these schedules and plans away and it could easily become a rollercoaster of chaos and disaster. In order to make the new year resolutions work for you, you’ll need a plan of action. When you have a resolution “help the poor more”, you have to ask yourself how you’ll go about it. Will you start a donation? Do volunteer work? focus on orphanages? How about “Be more creative”? Will you draw more? Take paint classes? Start conceptualizing a short novel? Don’t just focus on the goal. Think about how you get to it as well.

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Resolution Partners

Going at your new year's resolution solo may make it seem more fulfilling and less embarrassing, but there’s no shame in asking some advice from another person about it. talk to your friends, siblings or parents so you can find out which resolutions you are likely to keep and which ones may end in you breaking them. You might be surprised they know a lot more about you than you expect and can give great perspective on what you aim to do. Why not try a tandem resolution? Think up resolutions that are similar between you and your friends or family members. The more people involved, the more likely you’ll all keep up on it and remind each other about it when needed.

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End-of-the-year Checklist

Once you’ve finalized your resolutions, put them down on a list. Putting it in writing and leaving it someplace you’re sure to look or check out on a daily basis will totally help you in pursuing the completion of your resolutions. At the end of the year, check the resolutions you managed to keep and reflect on them to understand how it has improved your life. For the resolutions that you haven’t completed, you can choose to recycle them or edit them into a more current and do-able form.

Keep it simple and you’ll be sure to improve yourself through the years little by little. How many resolutions you keep is up to you, but a sizable number between 5 to 7 should do well enough. Happy listing and have a grand New Year ahead.