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As one of the most beloved and trusted of airlines within the Philippine islands, it has always been the goal and duty of Philippine Airlines to make travel for its passengers as smooth and as convenient as possible.

With their passengers in mind, they now allow flights from Manila to Bangkok and vice versa to be rebooked to the passengers liking.

The penalty for rebooking and rerouting your tickets between Manila and Bangkok, Thailand will now be waived. Tickets with confirmed flight dates from August 19 to 31, 2015 can now be moved around for any date thirty (30) days from the original flight date within the validity of the ticket.

Take note that if the same airfare is not available on the rebooked date, the difference of the new price to your old booking price will be assessed and your ticket will be reissued.

If you have a ticket for Manila to Bangkok, look into this bit of information now! Set your hard-earned tickets to a date and route that suits you to enjoy wonderfully hassle-free flights on your friendly Philippine Airlines.