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Philippine Airlines' Airbus A340-300: Definitely Your Home In The Sky

As a passenger, we all want to have a great flight experience because we're not just trusting the plane crew to send us to our destination but also to give us the best experience we know we deserve.

Boarding in a non-stop airbus A340 is quite an experience. With a fourteen-hour flight, if not for the impressive features of the plane, you'll definitely get bored. This aircraft has 264 seats (44 recliners at Business and 220 standard seats at Economy) and flies on international and domestic routes to Asia, North America, Hawaii, the Middle East, and Europe. Mabuhay is the Business Class and Fiesta is its Economy Class.

Upon entering the Mabuhay Lounge, you'll be welcomed by a greeter with a smile. You'll be surprised by how huge and spacious this is now with a comfortable seats available with computer stations. You can see the hangar by the window while sitting on the comfy couch. How cool is that?

The good thing about traveling Business Class is the buffet waiting for you at the lounge. You'll never going to get hungry! There's Arroz Caldo which is perfect for the cool temperature in the plane.

There's also sardines, tuyo and tapsilog with just a little twist. Drooling already? Watch this: Aside from those delicious meals, there's an unlimited drinks. Name what you need, they surely have it.

You'll never have to worry about sharing your journey with your friends and families because there is an available WiFi. Surf all you want and read till you drop because of variety of magazines available. If you are planning to read at night, there's a separate reading light near you. You can also freshen up at the shower room.

There are six (6) seats per row 2-2-2. And you'll be glad to know that there's a lot of space in front and on your sides. Your seat can be reclined into being a bed.

You can put your bags just in front of you for convenience but when taking off and descending, you will be asked to put it in the overhead bin to avoid bags rolling and clutter. There's a bottle holder and an amenity kit. You will be provided with headphones, a blanket, a pillow which is really soft and fluffy and an overnight kit. This kit is packed with complete toiletries as well as eye mask and cotton socks.

We're not done with seats yet! Did I mention it's high-tech? There's a call button so you don't have to stand and reach the other near the lights. There's massage button for your ultimate relaxation. The recliner seat can be manually adjusted with your preferred angle for your convenience. Expect no elbow bumping with your seatmate because you'll get both left and right armrest. You can also experience watching with a personal TV hidden near the tray with the seat controls.

As what the Philippine Airlines always tells us, they are our home in the sky, and they just proved it by giving the best experience to their customers with their airbus A340-300.