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Pros and Cons: Your Kids During Vacation


Bags are all set up. Your course is charted. Your itineraries are planned. Looks like you're all set... except for the small matter of where you'll take you're kids while you're out on vacation.

There are fewer options than you think and it can be quite beneficial to know what are the positive and negative aspects of where you let your kids stay during vacation. Luckily, we take some of the more popular options and look through them so you dont have to:

The Relatives

Pros: You can trust them and you know where your kids will be at all times.

Cons: Some relatives may be a little oblivious on how to care for children.

Relatives are one of the top picks on people you can leave your kids with. You know these people on a personal level and they will care for your little bundles of joy as if they were their own. The only problem is that there may be some single or childless relatives who may be more than a little oblivious on how to care for children and may or may not have the supplies or experience necessary to be good caretakers. Unless they're your own parents, keep this in mind and plan ahead.

The Babysitter

Pros: Will have knowledge on how to care for children and often come prepared for most situations.

Cons: You can't be sure what kind of background they have in child care unless they have a recommendation.

The babysitter is another option parents look into. From teenagers to practiced adults, babysitters are often the saviours of any parental vacation plans. While they may have experience in caring for children, whether they have experience from caring for a younger sibling or professional knowledge, you can never be entirely sure how a babysitter may act while you really are away. This is especially true with most young teens who may or may not neglect child care in their inexperience.

The Friends with Kids

Pros: Are trustworthy and are well-prepared for any child-centric emergencies or problems

Cons: May have child-rearing problems of their own and may not be readily available

Less personal than your relatives but more trustworthy than a babysitter, you're sure to count on your friends who are raising kids of their own... unless their own children aren't driving them up the wall, that is. Let's face it, raising kids isn't always sunshine and rainbows. You might find your babysitting buddies too busy looking after their own kids to have time to look over yours.

Take Them with You

Pros: Kill two birds with one stone by making memories while looking after your kids

Cons: It can lead to more stress than relaxation if your kids are the rowdy kind

If you're all out of options, just take your kids along with you. It may cost a litte more with the added tickets, but its better if you look after your kids yourself than letting unprepared relatives or strangers watch over them, right? Just be prepared for a little extra work while you're out enjoying the sights or walking around the area.

Now that you have a clearer picture on the pros and cons of where to let your children stay while you're ready to go on vacation, choose the option that agrees with you and prepare for your well-deserved time off.