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Puerto Princesa, Hop Till You Drop

Sun. Clear blue skies. Sand. Sea. And of course, coconut trees. The Philippines is undeniably a tropical haven.

Following the limelight of Boracay’s white sand beaches is Palawan, which rightfully earned its title as the Most Beautiful Island in the World.

Its capital - Puerto Princesa, is more than just home to the world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage site - the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

It also holds a number of beautiful islands, a perfect destination when you’re looking to having an authentic tropical getaway.

Cruise the beautiful waters and set foot on the islands that dot the Honda Bay.

The first stop - the Starfish Island, where you discover the interesting variety of fishes under the sea.

Feast on a delicious island picnic lunch and take on a bit of water sport activities at your next stop - the Pandan Island/Isla Pandan.

Finally, sail your way to Cowrie Island, where its fine-sand beaches are perfect for basking under the sun, a fun way to cap off your island hopping tour.

Heading back to the city doesn’t end your tropical experience in Puerto Princesa.

Look forward to a wonderful vacation in an unforgettable destination.

Until next time, enjoy your travels!

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