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guide mothers day bouquets

In the Victorian era, it was a popular notion to send the ones you loved flowers with special meanings behind them. Lovers would give passionate flowers like roses to the ones they loved. Scholars would be given congratulatory flora during graduations. Sick people would receive flowers of goodwill from caring friends and family.

Mother’s were no exception, especially for Mother’s Day. Their family would look into plants and seeds that grew messages of warm thanks and affection on that special occasion. Take a cue from this simple yet lovely gesture and get your mom a bunch of blossoms with beautiful messages behind them:

Forget Me Nots

As the name implies, these precious little flower bunches are said to symbolize “connections that last through the ages” or simply a “reminder of precious memories”. Bunch them together and tie them with a cute pink or refreshing green ribbon to make mom an adorable bouquet of remembrance. While it is dominantly blue, it can come in a variety of colors like purple, which is the Armenian Genocide Forget Me Not (try to remember that and avoid buying the purple ones.)


Originally called ‘heartsease’, pansies are flowers that are said to represent thoughtfulness. It’s the perfect way to say, “I remember how much you’ve done for me.” to the person who had been carrying you for nine months in her womb. Their multiple colors, almost as if they were painted on the silky petals themselves, are a beautiful way to brighten up any room when displayed in a vase or pressed for preservation.


You may mistake it for a fern at first, but the Nigella flower is a very unique and eye-catching plant that can make for a different-looking bouquet. In the language of flowers, they stand for perplexity and delicacy, perfect for a mother who’s unpredictable and exciting. They look very distinct and can work in a bouquet without any other supplementary flowers.


A dainty blossom that means “can’t live without you”. Because they are very small flowers, they are better kept in shallow baskets or decorative dishes. The message behind this plant can mean “I wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for you” or “Thank you for taking care of me”. A basket of these is a nice decoration for small tea tables or bedside tables.

Baby’s Breath

This flower doesn’t stand out very much by itself, but its small white flowers are wonderful accents that make pretty flowers even more beautiful. Pair them with beautiful and big roses or fluffy looking peonies to add a softness to these serious-looking blooms. In the language of flowers, Baby’s Breath stands for “everlasting love” which can mean the affection and care for you have for your mother that will last eternal.

These are just a few of the meanings behind the bountiful amount of flowers that are present all across the world. Look for flowers that have beautiful and poetic meanings behind them so you can create a beautiful combination of flowers that will both impress and have meaning behind every petal.

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