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Reasons to Love Filipinos

Reasons to Love Filipinos

There are so many amazing and diverse kinds of people living within Southeast Asia. But none can compare with the bright and cheerful feel of the Filipino people.

Along with the tropical feel of the humble Philippine islands comes their humble and tropical smiles and caring attitude. Here we look at the some of the simple yet enlightening facts as to why you’ll enjoy the company of the Filipino folk.

The Cheerfulness

Explained briefly in the intro, you’ll often hear stories about the inhabitants of the Philippines being a cheerful bunch. You can see this in their smiles and their sunny disposition. The Philippines has always been a simple yet cheerful little country, even to tourists who make their way into the shores of their humble islands. Even outside the country, their happy attitudes are carried with them and are often noticed.

The Manners In the Philippines, manners have been a staple since the occupation of the Spaniards. Special types of Filipino honorifics are present for different situations and different kinds of people. The use of “po” (with a hard ‘o’ sound) after a statement is said is used to show respect, especially when addressing a person of higher rank or age. The words “Kuya” (Koo-ya) and “Ate” (Ah-te) are used for males and females respectively which mean ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. These can be used for blood related siblings or to strangers with whom you want to address, but have no information on their name as another sign of respect. These simple yet honorable details are still carried on till today.

The Acceptance

As the Philippines is a melting pot of cultures, the Filipino are not judgemental of race, skin color etc. All people are welcomed by the islanders with smiles and cheer and are even treated like family. Filipino men and women crossing the language and racial barrier is not unheard of either. Because of this, it’s easy for travelers and tourists to feel at home in the Philippines and it's a pleasant experience to have a Filipino friend in another country.

The Perseverance

Despite earthquakes, floods, and other terrible tragedies befalling the Philippines, the people never stop pushing through it. Whether they are poor or wealthy, sick or healthy, the people press on to rebuild homes and their livelihood against all odds. But it's not only the people who have been affected by the calamity doing anything. Support from all around the country circulates in order to help the less fortunate victims of these natural dangers. The Filipino people are strong-willed and willing to stand up against adversity. You have to appreciate that.

The Energy

If you want festivals celebrated with gusto, you’ll keep the Philippines in mind. With 7,107 islands under its belt, around 70% of these islands have their own special little holidays and festivals. From the Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo to the Sinulog festival of Cebu, each of these places have their own special brand of celebration. Anywhere on the Philippines is a celebration waiting to happen. Whether it’s a night out in the city or a bonfire beach party, Filipino’s are ready to enjoy it with gusto. Filipino’s get so excited for festivals and parties, they often plan them in advance. They set up tables and food for friends and family who come over and celebrate with Laughs, stories and sharing. Truly, the people are great to party with.

While only 5 items have been put on the list, there’s more to the Filipinos than meets the eyes. If you wanna know more about these happy and energetic people, try booking a flight to the Philippine islands for a trip and discover their cheer and hospitality yourself.