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Reasons Why Traveling is Good for You

reasons why traveling is good for you

Chances are you’ve been charmed by: a) a riveting travel story from a friend or family members, b) whimsical postcards and posters of other countries or c) watched a documentary or travel vlog about a certain place. This results in you feeding your wanderlust and the desire to see the world.

Wanting to explore is natural, stemming from our great ancestors nomadic nature. Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things have more than one amazing benefit. Here are just a few good reasons why traveling is good for you:

It Opens Up Your World

Imagine a life where you never went out of your house. You missed things like school or birthday parties or even just going out to look at the sky. Sounds pretty dull and sad doesn’t it? You’d be locked away, without ever knowing a thing or two. The same goes for people who ground themselves to a single place. Going somewhere new opens your eyes to so many different things like fun destinations, new experiences and even hardships you can learn from. Even if you just take a long car ride to a beach or a trek through a forest a little distance from the city, each destination holds a new adventure you can carve into your life experiences.

Opportunities for Self-reflection Once you get too comfy in familiar surroundings, sometimes just going about your boring, daily routine seems like the only choice you have. Break that chain and get to traveling. A little time away from a place you feel completely in control of can really get your brain started. This can help you think about things that are happening in your life and how you can deal with them: Thinking about quitting the job you hate. Trying to forget a bad breakup. Getting ideas for a big business venture. Lazing around the house or the mall won’t exactly help.

Push Away Your Inhibitions

When you stay in a place where everybody knows you, you have to watch yourself. Constantly aware of how other people may perceive them, people tend to live les colorful lives to avoid standing out. But try putting them in a setting where nobody really knows them. People find out they can let go just a little bit without risking anything. Trying out new things even at the risk of looking silly or funny isnt a problem when the only consequence you can think of is regretting trying it out once you go back home. When you’re miles away from your comfort zone, sometimes the little fears you might have, like heights, can be overcome with a little bit of support and a whole lot of gumption. When you look back on your trip on the way back home, you might be surprised to find yourself smiling at the memories.

Live a Little, Learn a Lot

Remember sitting down on a desk at school each day and having to listen to your teacher drone on about something you weren’t fond about? Boring, right? Remember the excitement you had the night before a big school field trip? Pretty fun, wasn’t it? Sure all the geography and world history subjects could teach you where to find Uzbekistan or what the national costume of Turkey is, but actually flying to Uzbekistan and trying out the costume yourself is a better way to learn about them. Multiple studies claim that being out in nature can increase the clarity of a person’s thinking exponentially while kids who study abroad proved to be a little more humble than the ones that stay at home. So remember, your next trip to a tropical island also doubles as an interactive lesson for you and the kids.

Happy Travels

Even a day before the you actually leave for a trip, you can already feel the welling of joy and nervousness in your stomach region. Even the most hard-hearted of people can’t help but enjoy themselves once they find something they enjoy looking or doing through the journey. Aside from giving you a new experiencer from your daily routine, travel also increases your creativity and gives you a chance to do things you wouldn’t usually do. It makes you feel alive to be somewhere completely different from where you’re from and experiencing it with a couple fo friends or family members could make an awesome trip even more amazing.

With all these amazing benefits, I bet you want to plan out your next vacation already. With so many opportunities and more affordable airfares and promo out there, treat yourself and jump on a plane to make experiences for yourself.