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Reliable Sending with Speed Regalo

Have you ever wanted to show somebody far away how special they are? Show them how much they mean to you with a few trinkets and gifts? But with the rate of industrialization and the busy work lives of people today, taking the time to buy and wrap up a thoughtful gift for sending is sometimes impossible to do.

But don’t worry! Even without the time, you can still send over a present to the people you care about in a flash with a little help from Speed Regalo!

Speed Regalo is the latest and most innovative way to send your loved ones in the Philippines local high quality presents so you can show them you care even if you’re overseas! This special service allows Filipinos from around the world (North America, Europe, Middle East, etc.) to send all kinds of amazing products to their families and friends like cakes, rose bouquets, fruits snacks and even plushies and teddy bears.

Even if you can’t be there physically, you can do the next best thing and send them an amazing gift that shows them that even if you aren’t around, you’re always thinking of them and that they’re in your thoughts. Send out bouquets to congratulate somebody or show your hubby you're the romantic type. Send a cake for the birthday of your child or your best friend. Send some champagne to greet your favorite pair of newlyweds or to show your friend they deserved their promotion. The possibilities are endless.

With the Christmas season coming up, giving a great present has never been easier! With Speed Regalo, your gift shopping experience is fast and convenient.

Enjoy sending your love to everyone you care for on the go, no matter where you are.

Visit to see all the products and call (632) 8527328 loc. 167 or email to send your gifts!

So what are you waiting for? Shop and send now!