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Remembering Thanksgiving

It’s that time once more. A time when we gather with all of our loved ones and share stories and a sumptuous feast. Thanksgiving started with the apparent friendship between the Wampanoag tribe and the pilgrims of the past.

The pilgrims, weak with hunger and disease, were taught by the locals of the land to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees and to catch fish. In celebration for their friendship and hospitality, the pilgrims set up as feast to celebrate their new home and the bonds they created which would last for years to come.

This has been the basis of the celebration throughout the years, a time of friendship and sharing of food. Also based on the thanks the people of the past had given to their Native American friends, the name Thanksgiving came to mind and established a yearly event of counting all the blessings one accumulates through the year.

It’s one of the few days of the year where you can spend some time with the ones you truly care about, enjoy their company and dine together while being happy and telling each other what are the things you’re happy to give thanks about for this 2015.

A time where you can eat sumptuous foods, laugh at their embarassing and funny stories and taking some time off your busy schedules to give yourself some time to appreciate all how great life truly is.

So gather everyone close to you, break out the delicious foods, join hands in a night of blessings and cheer and have yourselves a Happy Thanksgiving!