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Rio Olympics 2016: Connecting the World


The Olympics. The biggest sporting event in the entire world that pits the different nations across the world in feats of power, skill, strength, and, of course, determination. Truly, it is a spectacular occasion that showcases rivalry and sportsmanship.

But even with displays of competition between multiple races, there’s no denying that this event really brings people closer together. These international sports events help promote a sort of peace between countries. Instead of competing with hateful words and destruction, people compete with the blood, sweat and tears of their respective athletes. Instead of worrying about skin color and culture, people of different backgrounds frequent the stadium seats to enjoy the show of sportsmanship. Instead of looking at other countries with mistrust, people just see each other as sportsmen and spectators.

With each win, you see the country representatives and their fans go wild with pride, cheering and waving their flags proudly. With every loss, there is disappointment and sadness, of course. But with that sadness comes a renewed drive to do better next year. There is no hostility between countries, whether winning or losing, either. There is only pride for one’s country.

The Olympics are one of the annual events that totally bring people together for so many positive and meaningful reasons: for the love of sports, love of country and just the enjoyment of celebrating a worldwide event. Times like these help really bring the countries together and help give us a small peek at what a world of acceptance and peace can be like.