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Safety Tips for Solo Female Adventurers


No matter how strong or capable you are, there will always be dangers for women travelers out there in the world. It’s sad, but lots of people see women as potential victims for their dirty tricks and schemes. They might come in many forms: an old man who bumps against you, an innocent-looking street urchin or maybe even a friendly cab driver or peddler. Don’t be the victim in the vicious cycle. Arm yourself with some of these helpful little tips in order to avoid getting the sharp end of the stick when traveling:


Do a Lot of Planning

Solo travel may be an exciting prospect, but it takes a lot of preparation and foresight to make an adventure safe and fun. Do some research of the place you're going to, even the crime rates and scams (It might be scary, but it’s better than being a babe in the woods). Try to search for fellow female travelers or bloggers native to the area that you can message and converse with through the internet. There are even websites that have forums for solo women travelers on the net. Check out local hotels or accommodations you can book so that you can find the ones that look clean and safe (take note of local holidays and room availability during those times.)


Share Your Travel plan

Having somebody back at home in the know about where you go and what you’re doing at any given time while you’re away is a definite must. While optional, it would be great if you could have a family member or friend check in on you on a specific time frame that you’re both aware of while on your trip. That way, somebody will be able to check and confirm your position now and then while you embark on your solo journey. The itinerary is also a great way for them to know where your last location was in case anything unfortunate may happen.


Packing Lightly

Packing lightly with only the most essential items can be beneficial in two ways: It allows you to move easily and quickly while also warding off any potential thieves. Con artists and pickpockets often use visual cues to pick out their targets, so the less heavy looking or bulky your bag is, the less likely you’ll be targeted. It also comes in handy when you need to catch some transportation or even walk towards the different destinations you’re planning to see. It also really helps with running away when any signs of danger or trouble appear.


Collect and Relay Info

Collecting and relaying info to close friends and family members can be very beneficial to the lone traveler. Always have multiple physical copies and a digital copy of important documents and ID’s when you plan on going out of the country by yourself. Don’t forget to give a few copies to your loved ones in case they need it for identification as well. Your smartphone camera can be useful for a number of occasions, like taking photos of taxi or car plate numbers so you can retrieve items you may have left in them or as a reference in case your family or friends need a one in a worst case scenario. You can also use the camera to take a picture of your hotel or landmarks in case you get lost in a place that has a very small english speaking population.


Make Friends

Or just familiarize yourself with important people if you don’t feel like connecting with strangers. Familiarizing yourself and being close to important figures in a tour or a hotel like the guide or a manager can be very beneficial. They can often give you choice traveling advice and maybe some insider info on all the best and safest places to spend your trip. It also helps to have somebody you can turn to in case things take a turn for the worst. Think of them as your international acquaintances.

Don’t let your gender or what people think stop you from doing what you want to do! With knowledge, planning and courage at your side, you can definitely conquer the world even on your own.