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Sand and Sun in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera. A haven of sand, sun and fun. From its exciting beach scene to the diving spots located all around, it’s the perfect place for you to ease into when you seek a tropical getaway in the Philippines.

Starting from Batangas, you ride a ferry boat for about an hour until you reach one of the main islands where all the boats leave and arrive. After a paying a few fees, you’re welcome to enter and explore this bustling island. From shops to barbecues to food stalls and extreme activity centers, Puerto Galera has everything a person needs to distract themselves from the stress and buzz of the busy city life.

The beach is a long stretch of smooth rocks, ocean water and sand where you can find people sunbathing, splashing, swimming, and enjoy their time. Like a picturesque setting, a multitude of beachwear, floatation devices, boats, slippers and tanned skin can be seen all around. You can see the happy faces of people as they just do their own thing, away from anything remotely stressful or fatigue inducing from their working or school life. Even the children seem extra curious and energetic because of the lively vibe of the island.

And just because the day is gone, doesn’t mean that the fun has to end. At night, the restaurants that serve great Filipino dishes near the shore are transformed to little party centers where the night owls can enjoy some karaoke, fun dance parties complete with DJ’s, drag queen pageants and even some hot fire dancers that entertain you while you eat your dinner. Cheering and music echoes loudly into the evening sky as people of all walks of life enjoy the scenes of laughter, dancing, joking and generally just enjoying their free time.

Puerto Galera isn’t just a fun beach center, but also a place where natural beauty resides in. With waterfalls, crystal waters, high mountains and windy vantage points, one can really feel the nature grow on them. This also makes Puerto Galera a fun place to dive and zipline and makes it a great venue where target practice and buggy riding can be enjoyed. Not only that, but the wide waters are perfect for water sports like jet skiing, banana boats, parasailing, and even a water-powered jetpack experience.

Tourists from all over the world cannot help but be mesmerized by these beautiful god-given features of this land, both relaxing and inspiring gifts of nature. One cannot help but forget of the big city even for a moment when they lay eyes on the majestic green hills, wide open spaces, cool waters that make this island a gem in the middle of the sapphire ocean.

Island hopping is also a must since you’ll get to see many of the beautiful rock faces and venues around the island area. Underwater caves, snorkeling trips, and picnic areas will be a treat for you and the family to explore. Just feeling the ocean wind comb your hair as you traverse the vast expanse of the waters between the islands is a treat in itself.

Taking pictures is a definite must to preserve the memory of this sunny, sandy wonderland, especially when the sun begins to set and the light, orange sky begins to cast silhouettes that make for great photo subjects. Littered with places to take fun and ‘like’-generating photos, exploring the island or going on a tour will introduce you to some of these places where you can take a picture to show the folks at home how much fun you’re having.

There are a lot of things to do in Puerto Galera, from a relaxing vacation to an extreme sports trip. It’s definitely a place to check out if you love the beauty of the ocean, the feel of the sand on your feet and the vibe of summer.