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Self-sacrifice: The Message of Holy Week


Holy week, a time during the month of March where we all come together with our families and friends to revere the three days Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross. It is a pivotal moment in the Catholic faith because Jesus, a man with no sin, died and was able to open the pearly gates for the spirits of the world to once again enter the holy kingdom.

But is the main focus the miraculous resurrection of this holy man? Maybe it’s because he opened the gates of paradise for all the lost souls left dwelling on the earth? Both are good answers in their own right, but the true meaning behind Holy Week is Jesus’ suffering for three days before his eventual death on the wooden cross. It looks into his great acts of selflessness and self-sacrifice for the souls everywhere to be brought into heaven.

Holy Week is an event where we look back on the last three days of Jesus as a man before his death and eventual ascension as god. It wants us to look at him as an example of selflessness we all need to put into our lives as well.

This raises the question: what can you sacrifice? Catholics practice the art of self-sacrifice with fasting (not partaking of specific foods or meals for a few days), but we should not limit ourselves to just keeping to holy practices. This is a chance for us to grow and become better people who learn not to get too attached to the material addictions we have grown so accustomed to.

Maybe you realize you’ve been spending way too much time on social media instead of enjoying the true company of friends and family? Maybe you’ve dedicated your life to your work instead of sacrificing a few hours of your time for your family? Maybe it's time you got off your phone and start learning to enjoy the simple joys in life? Everybody has something they can learn to give up even for just a short while.

How about you? What can you sacrifice for this Holy Week?

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