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Setting the Spark on the 4th of July


The 4th of July is a fun summer event that happens around the beginning of the season. Celebrating American Independence is just another reason for you, your friends, and your family to gather up and celebrate some fireworks, fun activities, and just some good old togetherness in this once a year event. With everybody you’re around, you can just relax and maybe discuss some of your summer plans and vacations as well.

Here are some fun little tips to show your enthusiasm for a fun and safe celebration:


Cool Snacks

With the heat ramping up, its would be a good idea to stock up or make some delicious and cooling snacks. If you are expecting to meet up a group of people, call them in advance and tell them to bring an assortment of refreshing summer dishes. From mint-infused lemonade to some watery watermelons cooled off just right, it’s important that everybody stays frosty in and out.


Experimental Barbecue

Go online or read a cookbook to search for some fun and easy to do variations of the hotdogs and burgers that people do every year. Switch things up a little like maybe mixing your own special sauce or testing out different ingredients to add to your burgers or sandwiches. You might discover a new favorite dish that can really wow the hungry crowd.


Explore Exhibits

The 4th of July doesn’t always have to be about fireworks and barbecues at home. Maybe there are some local museums or exhibits that feature some info on how the American independence was won and how it has changed life in America as we know it. It’s a much calmer way to celebrate the holiday. It might not be the excitement you’ve been looking for, but it might just be a nice change of pace for you to try to experience.


Wear your Patriotism

It may be just one day in a year, but it's a fun activity to decorate both you and your home in the in stars, stripes and the red,white and blue. Pick an outfit that has the shades of the American flag and accessorize with pins or necklaces of stars or flags. Hang cute little streamers in the front of your home or just go simple with a sizeable flag on the front door. Don’t overdo it though and leave the overly patriotic flag shirt and shorts in the closet.


A Professional Flair

Of course, what’s the fourth of July without a little pizazz and sparkle? Different cities across the states often hold their own pyrotechnic shows featuring amazing light displays and fireworks shows. Often planned many months in advance, these shows are the highlight of any 4th of July evening, with colors and flares brightening the sky. Some people even rent boats or reserve certain areas just to see these shows.

Think of the celebration of American Independence as an opening to summer. With the light show, good food, and company, be reminded how this would not be possible without the liberation of the country. It’s a fun little event that acts as the opening act to a long summer vacation filled with, relaxation, free time and, of course, some time off to explore the world at your leisure.