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Shopping Cities to Visit

shopping in Asia

Everybody loves a little shopping now and then. Some people are into the latest fashion while others are looking out for the newest gadgets on the market.

Whatever your reason for buying, everybody looks out for the places with high quality items and low prices. It is not unheard of that people travel overseas to indulge in the shopping inclined countries around the world. In this article, we list down a few of those countries that have the items and prices you might be looking for:

Hong Kong, China

Deals in: Affordable electronics and fashion

Those small “Made in China” tags aren’t just for show. Hong Kong is big, both the city and its shopping. The stores there are well known for having helpful (sometimes TOO helpful) store clerks. The City is also known to sell some of the latest electronics at prices so low, you might find yourself bringing home a couple of shiny, new devices. For all you avid trendsetters, Hong Kong also deals in some hot fashions from big brands. Being easy city to get around in and being chock full of discounts is what makes this place a go-to choice.

Milan, Italy

Deals in: Big fashion brands and bargain shopping in outlet stores.

Home of some of the biggest names in couture (PRADA, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana), Milan proves to be a powerhouse of high-brow fashion around the world. If you’re looking for a great place to buy fabulous outfits, art and accessories, The Rectangle of Gold, known to the locals as “Quadrilatero d'Oro”, is THE place to be.

Seoul, South Korea

Deals in: Make-up and colorful fashion

If you’ve never heard of K-pop, or K-drama, you might’ve been living under a rock. Korean influence has slowly invading the globe: fashion, brands, music and more. This has been one of the reasons why tourism to Seoul is thriving. Not only has this made South Korea a hot topic of travel but it has also exposed it as a haven for shoppers. Great discounts on their amazing make-up and fashions ranging from formal to casual and sweet is one big reason to greet this fun and beautiful land.

Tokyo, Japan

Deals in: Variety of culture-related items and electronics

Japan has had a reputation of being known as a weird and wacky place full of innovation. From their exclusive anime and manga to their advanced technologies, fans of electronic games and devices will surely have their fill. But aside from culturally-inclined products, the low prices on many of the top brands in the city shops are another reason why Japan is a great place to spend and even save money on some big shopping trips. For some of the beast stores and deals in one place, visit the well-known Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku.


Deals in: Local crafts and bargain shopping

Philippines is more than just a tropical getaway and vacation spot. It’s also a great place to get deals on some amazing products you’ll have a hard time looking for anywhere else. You’ll be able to find some amazingly intricate and beautiful crafts that are both sturdy and different from the norm. Not only are local crafts in the market but big fashion brand cost less or have great discounts so you’ll be able to save more shopping here. One place to find deals on fresh outfits or exclusive Filipino items are bargain markets and bazaars. A notable mall and market hybrid is the Greenhills Shopping Center in Metro Manila.

If you’re raring to shop for the best wares around the world, give these amazing cities a try. You’ll definitely get more bang for your buck.