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New year. Fireworks. Loud noises. Great food. A lot of people can’t help but celebrate the coming of a new year. It’s a time when we look back at all the achievements, milestones and other great things about the previous year before we ready ourselves for a new one. But we can’t focus on just the positives either since recognizing the negatives and the bad things about the year can help use reflect and improve ourselves via resolutions.

Unsure of how to go about planning your resolutions for this year? We give a few popular choices to help you get inspired to make goals that you’ll want to keep:


How will you change for the brand new year?

Review Your Health

The generation of today is all about fitness and healthy living and it's time you got on board the trend train. You don’t have to be a health nut to consider adding a health resolution into your year. Something as easy as “walk to work” or “cut down on the fatty snacks” is a great way to look after yourself without having to become a member of a gym. Consider trying out exercises to improve your health, though, like daily stretching, yoga, scheduled bike riding or jogging trips.

Hone Your Confidence

Especially if you’re not the confident type. A new year means a new chance to strut your stuff and live confidently. When you learn to live confidently you become open to more possibilities, talk to more people, be more likely to succeed and you’ll be able to go after the things you want. Nobody can change overnight, though. Depending on the confidence you have already, it may take some time or none at all to learn how to be the cool collected cat you were meant to be.

Lose Bad Habits

Losing even one long-term bad habit is already quite an achievement by itself. Bad habits are difficult to lose because they are so easy to do. It definitely takes a lot of effort to become conscious and push away the urge to indulge in them. Start easy and work yourself out slowly instead of jumping the gun straight away. An example would be trying to cut down binge watching old shows. Start off by setting a day in the week which will be “Binge Watch Day”, leaving 6 other days to do other things. Once you’re used to the schedule, practice your willpower by cutting the number of episodes you watch one by one. If the people of yesteryear had the patience to catch one episode of their fave shows once a week, I’m sure you can manage to watch only 4 or 5 episodes in a day.

Schedule Cleaning Time

It’s time to get your dusty broom and mop from the closet. Another popular resolution to make your own is to advocate cleanliness! You may not be a neat freak or you may find it to be a big chore, but general cleanliness can give you a healthier life and it can improve your emotions and mood a lot. You don’t have to clean every day either, just once every week or so will be enough to give you the spic and span space you never knew your home could be. Don’t forget to take out old things that don’t work or are busted beyond compare. There is no point cleaning your place if the garbage is just being circulated around the area. If you’re having trouble getting rid of things, ask a close friend to help give you some perspective on whether you should keep something or not.

Improve your skills

Another fan favorite for New Year's resolutions is the ever-popular aim of learning or improving either a new or an existing skill. As the saying goes “you’re never too old to learn something new”. Whether it’s something practical like “How to set up an online shop” or something more creative like “How to knit a sweater”, learning a new ability or upping your hobby game is definitely something productive and fun you can try out. Don’t think negatively and tell yourself “It’s not for me”. Everybody can learn and improve at something as long as they keep trying. People learn things at different speeds, so don’t be discouraged if you’re a little slower than the rest of your fellow members.

Remember, this is just a list of suggestions for you to get ideas from. The decision on what resolutions you’ll make and keep are all up to you. Start your year positively and make the effort to improve your life further.

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