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We're Opening Soon in Mira Mesa, California!

Mira Mesa

With the successful opening of its Seafood City Chula Vista branch, Mango Tours is keeping the ball rolling with the opening of a new branch that will help expand its affordable travel services to different parts of the US.

This time, Mira Mesa, California will be getting the Mango Tours treatment with the kiosk setting up at the local Seafood City as well. The branch will offer avid travelers assistance in the many aspects of their trips, from the transportation, flights, and even tour guides, to ensure that their adventures are fast, fun and stress-free. Once it finally opens, you’ll also be assisted by a trained Mango Tours employee who will be on hand when it comes to all the trip details.

If you live in Mira Mesa area and are looking forward to great deals on trips to the Philippines or any other destination, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening of this compact site within the month of January. Seafood City is open 7 days a week, so you’ll be sure to find some free time to explore the exciting options you can choose from when you get to planning your next trip.

But Mira Mesa isn’t the only place that’s getting a piece of the Mango Tours action for 2017! Keep posted on our newsletters and blogs to find out more info on another upcoming branch!