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Mango Tours Mobile


The Mango Tours iPhone Application has the ability to reserve, book, purchase and search for flights that are available in the Mango Tours booking engine.

Book Flight: Lets you search and book flights. Results are sorted according to your preference of direct or indirect flight, most affordable flights, and airline of your choice.

Show my Flight: Lets you browse your booking details and itinerary.

Flight Status: Lets you browse your up-to date flight status. The airline, flight number and the date of the flight should be provided. You may browse your flight status one (1) day before the flight and three (3) days onward.

Saved Records: Lets you save all the information regarding your flight booking and flight status.

Saved Flights: Lets you browse your saved confirmed booking complete with your itinerary and other booking details.

Saved Flight Status: Lets you browse your saved flight status. Note: The saved flight status will not show the current flight status. It will show the status of the flight on the day that you have saved it. For your the current flightstatus browse>Flight Status.

Special Deals: Offers an array of affordable travel deals that will cater to your every need. It features the latest promo flights to Manila, different Balikbayan Tour Packages and unique Asian Getaways.