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This amazing river city is packed with spectacular attractions and exciting experiences for everyone. From outdoor adventures and animal encounters to serene walks, Brisbane is definitely the ultimate country getaway in Australia. It is a place defined by heritage and tourism through its many age-old buildings, churches, museums and cultural sites. Aside from from its vast mountains, sprawling hills and fantastic beaches, Brisbane takes pride in its contemporary lifestyle. At every turn of the corner, tourists will delight in the entertainment, dining, and shopping establishments in the city.
Most of Melbourne's attractions are within walking distance. Many historic structures and amazing architectures are found in the city. Boutiques, fine dining restaurants, pubs and cafes the many laneways of Melbourne. One will never run out of things to do in this bustling city. The lively city of Melbourne offers endless entertainment, dining and shopping options, making it the perfect destination for leisure travelers. Get acquainted with this country's rich art and culture through its exhibits, fine museums, and numerous art galleries. Take a break and savor the tranquility and beauty of lavish gardens and parks filled with towering trees and perfectly designed lawns. Diverse natural landscapes, parks and reserves are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
Explore Australia's harbour city, beaches and national parks. With its many fantastic beaches, travelers will definitely find pleasure in soaking up the sun. Simply take a quiet walk along Sydney's long stretch of fine, white sand beaches. Go sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or take on an adrenaline pumping ride on a high-speed jet boat. Learn to surf, snorkel from the shore or take diving lessons. Apart from the amazing coastlines, this city is known to have abundant greeneries perfect for exciting outdoor activities and thrilling adventures for every kind of traveler. Take the family out on a picnic, go cycling or simply go for a leisurely stroll at the city's harbourside parks. This city is the perfect outdoor destination for every traveler at any time of the year. Visit the historical museums and get acquainted with the aboriginal culture of Sydney and its people.
Called the world’s safest tropical city, Cairns is situated at the edge of the Coral Sea. This modern and stylish city is full of all of the staples a traveler might be looking for in a vacation destination: classy restaurants, fun shops and exciting nightlife. But the city isn’t the only thing alive around here as the area sits above a mangrove bay and is covered in rain forest draped hills. That and the white, sandy bays to the north make for a romantic natural setting you and loved ones can enjoy.